Elisha Cohen

b. 1991, California. Currently based in Berlin.


My name is Elisha Cohen and I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in architecture, specializing in user experience and research. I'm currently a UX designer and researcher at Wikimedia Deutschland, doing community-led product work to make it easier to edit Wikipedia.


I am endlessly curious and always reading. A few key themes that I am passionate about are ethical design, usefulness, and user-friendly-ness. User-friendly can mean simply easy-to-use, but I want to consider: what if we expanded the definition to also mean a product is friendly to the user themself? Can a product be user-friendly without giving users agency and choice? Partly about ethics, I also think these topics are simply about designing better.

I have also conducted research on alternative modes of pedagogy, peer-to-peer education, and flat hierarchical structures through running the Free School of Architecture (FSA). If you're curious about it, we were interviewed here about the summer we created.

Are.na is where I collect and organize my thoughts. It's a platform that helps me think. Below are a couple channels I am currently thinking with and through.


Sometimes I also make websites; here is a recent one, where I did branding, web design and development and another where I did development and art direction.

For a full portfolio, including my research and case studies, please get in touch below.